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Finally, my Paypal Account Got Verified

Hello my blog readers a.k.a bloggers as well...we're meeting again in my English blog section. I'm just wondering if I have silent readers here...huhu...do tell me if you don't mind okay...hehe...Today is the second week of September 2009...time indeed flying so fast...I just finished submitted my paperwork to the The International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT2010). I'm not hoping that my paper will be accepted upon a first review since I truly know the level of my english academic writings...pheww... The word 'international' itself make my mindset that my paper will be scrutinized thouroughly by the reviewers (Professor, AP, Doctor, Professionals...scary!!). Yet, I'm sure that I already did my best on that paper...if the paper still rejected, meaning that I need to do the best from my best works....(That's the spirit...hehe..)

Today I will write not longer than 7 paragraphs since I'm saving my time to do some debugging on my programming codes and read a new ebook that I just downloaded for free from http://www.davidsamuel.net/. The title of the book is "All Is Mind". Interested? Later I will publish my sharing regarding this ebook, and do remind me if I forgot about this.

Yes, referring to my post title, at last, after waiting 2 weeks to get my Public Bank Visa Electron debit card, plus 1 week to get my paypal expuse number, my paypal got verified...pheww. Everything run smoothly and I'm very happy since that I did everything on my own..and I'm proud of myself..hehe...now I can sell or buy online using the US dollars sign...hehe.. Below is my paypal account statement.. My account type is Premier, meaning to say that I can sell or buy online, and my status is verified, meaning to say that I can send and receive payments in USD currency. On the 2nd september, I got my money back from paypal $1.95(RM6.96) after I enter the expuse number sent to my Public Bank bill statement sent to my house.
Since that I'm so excited about my paypal got verified, so I've tried to deposit some money into my paypal account...(well, my curiosity got the best in me..hehe..) Therefore, the next day I bought about $14.00 from a paypal seller. The currency rate $1 = MYR 3.30 (quite cheap right...). I got 20 cents discount so i just gave MYR 46.00 (I just bought few dollars, just in case of money safety...hihi). Before 5pm that day, I received an email alert from paypal that I just got payment. Then I was asked to confirm to recieve the payment, then I checked my account history, from $14, $0.78 was deducted (which is about MYR 2.964). So the real amount I received was $13.22...overall $15.17 after added the $1.95 bonus.

And then, on 4th, I added my Maybank Visa debit card as a second card in my paypal account (actually i just knew that Maybank Visa debit card can be used to wthdraw paypal money to our local bank..so i gave it a try...hehe...). Unfortunately, Maybank Visa debit card cannot be used to verify paypal account. On 5th (friday morning), I got expuse number sent to my maybank2u (paypal charged the same amount $1.95)...and when I cheked my paypal account this morning (7 september), my Maybank Visa debit card (actually) has been verified on 6th september (I was on my weekend holiday a.k.a balik kampung)...so my paypal amount now is $17.12. So far, all the transactions are run successfully... Thanked God.

Okies that's all I want to share with all of you my blog readers..hope you will learn something from this post.. I could barely wait to buy antivirus and my favorite ebook from Amazon.com..hopefully I can share with all of you here..Till then guys...Adios...

p/s: Leaders are readers ~ Donald Trump


ivy said...

Wow,congrats Blue.I wish I could have one too.=]So I wont have to worry about purchasing ebooks.I'm dying to buy the book.

:: bluedianthus :: said...

Thanks V...dont worry, when u got your PB card you can have one too...:)

ivy said...

Your welcome Blue.Ya,hopefully la cuz it is hard for me to ulang alik p bank just to make a visa card.Hmmm~

:: bluedianthus :: said...

yup..nda pa, apply online ja kio...bulih tu...come on V, you can do it

ivy said...

Ya,hopefully ah..Thanks for the cheer up!!

:: bluedianthus :: said...

most welcome V...;)


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