Monday, September 28, 2009

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English Blog In The Making...

Hello dear readers...long time I did not jot down something in here...well, except for automatic blogfeeds which appeared on my blog (annoying...i guess, hehe..). Okies..first of all I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends and my blog readers as well...be careful when driving on the road so that you do not put yourself and other's life in danger. OPS Sikap already been accomplished yesterday and there were more than 200 death cases recorded. This statistic is higher than last year. Plus more than 70 death cases caused by H1N1 disease, almost 300 death cases were recorded just in Malaysia (I repeat, just in Malaysia.). Hmm...I guess the OPS Sikap need to be stricten more.

Hmm...just want to share something here....last week I had a talk with my old friend regarding the content of my blog. My friend said that it was a hard thing to keep up two languages on one blog, His reasons were, a blog that keep on changing the language used will not entertain the readers of my blog...the blog has to be in a right track so that I will have a chance of having loyal-readers of my own blog. Thus, after had give-and take sessions, I agreed to his decision to not to mix the usage of different languages in my blog. So it came to my own conclusion that I'm going to have two blogs, one in Bahasa Malaysia and one in English version. The name together with the niche of my blog is not being decided yet...still in progress..maybe more on my educational/research matters....hmmm..will decide it soon as possible..

That's all I want to share with all of you for now. Since this is the last post of English version in this blog...I hope I wont lose in touch with you. Will annouce the name of my english blog when it is installed. Thanks for giving me your support.

p.s: do not worry, only the post pattern will be changed in here, meaning to say that there will be no english post in this blog, but I couldn't help of using mixed sentence ("bahasa rojak") in my Malay post..hehe...Hey, it doesn't mean that I got bad result on Bahasa Melayu paper okay....hehe...until we meet again, in my later post, all in Malay versions... Adios

p.p.s: I just succeed to upload my own website.com..but only an empty site...will announce once it was well established..just you wait and see... Programming is fun...; )
p.p.p.s: Oppss....forgot one thing, my sharing of word of wisdom: When talking about SINCERITY, "Use no hurtful deceit, think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.. " ~ Mark Bowser (I'm reading his book right now...)
p.p.p.p.s : Heehe...this picture I took myself today, I felt more energized after 10 days rest from blogging..hehe..But, there's new challenge for me...shhhh!!


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