Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Another Song Review

We're meeting again in this blog of mine... hopefully your day run smoothly and i do pray that your achievement for today is far more better than yesterday. Yesterday's news reported that there were another 6 cases of death caused by the influenza A (H1N1), resulted 38(when this blog is written..) of death cases in Malaysia. Our prime minister said that Malaysian people still lack of awareness regarding this disease. Hence, campaigns of creating awareness should be conducted soon as possible. Up until now, I still haven't got any latest news about H1N1 spreading in UMS. As far as I knew, last week, there were 4 cases of H1N1 positive among the students. Therefore, wear mask for your own safety and people among you...just in case, Watch out your health..

Hmmm..i guess today I want to share something with you here..about one song I heard of recently. The title of the song is "Sekuat Tenaga", from another Indonesian bands, Jikustik. The song begins with piano solo followed by violin. Overall, the lyric of the song is just plain (don't judge me, it's only my opinion though...), but what I like about this song is that when it comes to bridge part, there's english sentence between the lyric. if I'm not mistaken, the lyric something like, "Now teach me how to take the fault, find the strength to carry on, life is just an empty word without you...."

Based on my own understanding after listening to this song (for quite a lot of times), the guy wants someone (his ex maybe..hehe) to teach him how to forget the girl, how to to live a life without being with the girl...The girl want him to live happy and be strong to face his life ahead.Pheww..what a song, no wonder composer a.k.a songwriter got lots of imagination and illusions when it comes to give life to song (really admire them all..). The song? I'm not going to upload it here, since it will violate the TOS from jiwang.org. I just downloaded it for my own use. Just find the song entitled "Sekuat Tenaga" by Jikustik band in their album so-called "Malam" (pop genre). Support music industry, buy the original one...or you could buy online. Especially in Malaysia, the plagiarism is widely open. Till then, see you again in my next sharing....Adios..
p/s: Bad attitude ruins good manners...let us ponder over it.... ; )


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