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DANGER : Procrastination

Dear readers..how was life? I pray that all of you out there just doing well and in a good condition. Time is fleeting in a glimpse of eyes..a week passed so fast..don't you think so? Recently, i missed few hours of my sleep time since I'm very excited on reading lots of classic self-improvement ebooks, and one of them that I'm reading now is written by Napoleon Hill...but need more time to read it...want to dig some important tips from him hehe...Anyway, will share about that ebook when i finished read it.

Anyway, as usual my Sunday was filled with church RE class activities, sort of tired but I'm having fun with those little kids, very hyperactive, innocence and I missed the Picom PC Fair at Sabah Trade Centre which today(9 Aug) is the last day... I'm just planning to buy 250MB Sata HDD(overloaded movie series in my laptop made my OS run slow..being addicted to Smallville series recently..huhu...). Unfortunely, I was overslept at noon and when i woke up, only to realize that the time nearly 5pm and my younger sister and I should hurry up to attend the Hymnal Appreciation Recital in Inanam Church. Well never mind then.

Let's see...today I received one email a.k.a article from a successful person in internet arena, for those who loved to looking for freelance jobs in the net, Dr. Irfan Khairi, indeed, was a very familiar name to them. Yes, I got an emai from him because I've subscribed to his blog (in order to get his motivatio speech for my own self-enrichment),http://www.irfankhairi.com : Tips 1 Minit Irfan Khairi. He was just celebrated his baby girl's birthday, one more thing I want to share is that, his babygirl's name, so unique and unforgettable, "Cinta Strawberry Abadi"...(Adui..panjangnya nama baby Dr Irfan ni..) Anyway, congrats Dr, even though you don't know me...hehe.. Congrats to your 1st year old babygirl.

Back to the story, the email subject I received from him was "BAHAYA: Tabiat Membuang Masa". In this article, he stated that everyone got 24hours a day and a key factor of success of a person is how well he could manage his time properly. I recalled in the book of Jamie Novak that I've just read last week, which she also has included the problem of procrastination in one of the book's topic. Therefore, Dr. Irfan has outlined 4 ways of getting rid of those procrastination problems...I will only share one of the way, since I'm interested in doing this method..

My favorite method, 80-20 Principle. From this Pareto Principle, we could save 2 hours a day. How? This principle claimed that 20% over the time taken to finish one job is actually to finish 80% of the job. In a nutshell, our productivity will be decreasing after 20% of our time was taken. how to use the principle? Simple, first, when you want to do one job a.k.a work, list down the strategies to accomplish your mission, after that, start do your work immediately. May be the job or work requires few hours from you, yet, don't stop...just go on until you could finished your wok at the level you could afford...with all your might.

After that, stop that work. Yes, stop doing it. Why? Because you've taken 20% of your productive time to do the work..but the work ws 80% complete. Then, do another work, ignore the latter work of yours and do the same technique, one work after another. Finally, if all the works you want to do for today finished 80%, you can returned to the former work to finish the other 20%. Using this Pareto Principle, you will be amazed on how talented you are of overcoming various works simultanously..

Hmmm..how about you my dear readers? You dare to do this technique or you have your own method in order to get your work done. I do believe everyone has his or her own ways of keeping away the procrastination problems. Till then, I'll leave you with this words, taken from Novak's book of Make Time For Life, "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ George Bernard Shaw".

# Info : George Bernard Shaw, was born in Dublin, Ireland. He was a Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 1925 and Oscar Winner 1938. He s the only person ever to have been awarded for both outstanding awards in the field of literature. Shaw wanted to refuse his Nobel Prize outright because he had no desire for public honors, but accepted it at his wife's behest: she considered it a tribute to Ireland. He did reject the monetary award, requesting it be used to finance translation of Swedish books to English. (What a great person!!! Two thumbs up for him!) ~ wikipedia online, retrieved on 10th of August 2009


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