Monday, July 6, 2009

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Virtual Credit Card?

Hello everyone, today i just want to share something with you guys about ebook i just bought from successful internet marketer..(Hmmm...ada jugak meh orang yang baca blog aku ni? hehe....) I just read one of successful internet marketer (IM) ebook on how to create your own VCC (Virtual Credit Card). Maybe i'm among the late people who bought this ebook. Coz the price has been up to RM45.00.huhu..but it's better late than never right? 

I've been keep on thinking to buy antivirus online (saja ja nak cuba2, maklumlah semangat inkuiri yang berkobar-kobar, hehe...). And the most important thing is that i want to make some donation to the The Burgomeister's Books' website, USD1 is just a little amount compared to the ebooks that i downloaded for free, 5 ebooks in any 2 weeks period. (apa daa, suda byk hutang pun mo donate lagi kan, suka hati aku laa...hehe..)

The main focus of this ebook is that you will be taught on how to create your unlimited VCC by your own. VCC is a must for those who want to buy or sell via online. VCC can be used to verify paypal account, adwords account, ebay, facebook and the list goes on..pheww... In this ebook, you'll be able to create your own VCC as much as you can for specific purposes. Well, once you know how to create you own VCC, you can manipulate the advantages of VCC to give your service to other people who do not want to use their credit card or debit card. but still, you'll need to use your credit/debit card as a funding sources for your VCC. Hmm...looks like i have to apply for VISA Electron before i can use the VCC to verify my paypal account. Aduiii, bila la ble beli antivirus nie!!!


Steward said...

Macam mana tu VCC warnnie?

:: bluedianthus :: said...

VCC ni kegunaan dia macam kad kredit/kad debit yang betul2 tu la, tapi yg ni virtual punya. Jadi selamatla ko punya maklumat credit/debit card yg real.Pigi ko baca sini: http://offto.net/panduanvcc/
Sia pun still in proceess mau cuba ni, tapi tunggu debit card VISA Electron sia siap dulu...


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