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Motivation is The Key to Success

We're meeting again in the world of virtual reality..hope that you're in the pink of health. Even though we're not know each other, (as far as I knew, only a few friends of mine are following my blog now..)..Thanks, you are really appreciated. At least, there's still someone don't mind to read my post. My aim for each of my post is juz a hope that something can be learned....

Last week, I have downloaded ebook written by two young Malaysian bloggers, Syia and Fikri (when this ebook was released, they still studying, one of them in Multimedia University, Melaka and another one juz finished took his SPM) from a source that I could not remember... (tua suda ba aku ni, lemah ingatan..huhu). The ebook was written in our national language, landscape layout and got 13 pages. The title of the ebook might be sounded a little arrogant, "5 Rahsia Sulit Untuk Kaya Di Internet" (translated as 5 Confidential Secrets of Getting Rich via the Internet). (Walla, sepa yang nda mo kaya kan, hehe...). Unfortunately, I'm not going to share with you how to become a rich person via internet. I just want to share the 5 tips to be implemented in our daily life (from a student's perspective). I strongly agree to these 5 tips given by them. Now I could apply the tips into my daily life to get more enjoyable feeling regarding my research works than pressure after this...hopefully..Okies, the tips are (after being translated according to my own understanding):

Tips 1: 30 - 60 Minutes Everyday for Self-Improvement
Tips 2: Read, Examine & Visualize
Tips 3: Make Top 3 Lists Everyday
Tips 4: Fix Your Own Time
Tips 5: Runaway From Business (as for me, from Research..hehe...)

I read this ebook 3 times to highlight the essences of this ebook, and found out that the key to success is that I have to be consistent, having a good mindset, and do these 5 tips EVERY DAY..yes everyday. Everyone might be able to do these 5 tips but how many could do it consistently? Ask yourself, it's all about inner motivation. I really found this ebook brought such a wonderful encouragement for me. All this while, I thought that I've done well enough through my research works, yet, I realized that it was not good enough. There's still some spaces which I could do better, better than before. From now on, will try to do this 5 tips consistently. Don't want to elaborate more 'bout this ebook, because I know you guys do not like to read long post, do you? Hehe...Credits for Syia and Fikri, maybe at this moment, they already had their cherish life of money freedom from practicing this tips. Me too, want to get free from this research works. To all of my friends out there, never stop trying...experience is the best teacher!! Excuse me....I have to do my 1st list for today's activities...


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