Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Human Nature?

It's been a few days since i wrote my previous blog. Hmm...as usual, my saturdays and sundays were filled with church activities, RE class, services, hymnal session (no choir practice for this saturday as dad got his afternoon shift till 10pm).

Usually on Sunday, my freetime will be from 1pm onwards. After lunchtime, most of the time my younger sisters and I will watch television continuously till 5 or 6pm...and then you could guess what's next...SLEEP!!!hehe... There's time i was overslept and only woke up at 10pm, well, I wouldn't wake up if my tummy didn't 'call' for food..pheww.. Hmm..juz want to share a korean drama that I've watched just now, "Prince Hour", you may call me outdated coz this drama has been released for a long period of time...Well, I dont even mind though...no effect to me...hikhik.. The storyline of the drama is about a young man who actually, found for himself that he had a royal family blood and will be crowned as the next Hwang Taeja (maybe emperor or something like that i guess). He was fallen for his best friend a.k.a his ex-classmate during high school. The interesting part of the drama was when he went to Royal Academy school, there's one class session(episode 11) not sure what class was it (maybe psychology, huhu...).

The picture that i've attached here is the picture that need to be guessed by the royal students. At a first glance, i saw it was a duck, then when i scrutinized it, it was also a rabbit (thanks to the help of Lee Hoo, hehe..)...and the lecturer said, "It's a duck and a rabbit at the same time.This is a good example of human nature. Generally we think that mankind are a species of rational thinking. In fact, we come to realize that one only sees what he wants to see. Until he's exposed with more information, his thoughts are quite judgmental." Well, to put in a nutshell, a man will only be able see what he wants to see. As for me, this theory is right based on my own experience. To apply this theory in my research, when i've started my new proposal, (my former proposal was rejected... : ( huhu...) I only want to do the system based on my own analytical(tak la details sangat), which caused me blur for a year...Aduiii..So the exposure to more and more information is a vital. May the luck be good to me...Adios for now...


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