Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Got Trouble With Yahoo Messenger ?

Dear readers, how was life? Hopefully your day as well as my day, there's always something for us to learn. RSS problem has been settled....finally, hehe...Credits to someone who i know in Sabahans forum. Hehe... Feel free to subscribe to my latest posts or comments without error redirection.

Today, i juz know the way to True Jesus Church of Donggongon in Penampang, well, with the help of my friends of course...even though it took about 2 hours to find it, i don't mind as long as i don't need to trouble church members of being lost in that area...arigato gozaimas!! I had a choir presentation there together with my two younger sisters, thanked God we managed to reach there on time. Now i can go there if there's any special gatherings, spiritual nurture meetings, or evangelistic meetings...pheww...

Hmm..just want to share some information with you guys here. Have you ever experienced or got troubled with Yahoo Messenger? Me? Don't ask, lots of time, especially when in the lab...there's a time when I need to sign in lots of time to get signed in to YM, "Try Again" pop-up many times asked for re-enter ID and password...server is busy and so forth. Now, the solution....thanks to Trilian!! It is a chat program that allows us to use AIM, ICQ, MSM, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC all in one application. The setup for Trillian is simple and the interface is easy to use. I'm using it for 3 months now, so far so good. The latest version is Trillian, here's the download link for free version at:

p/s : I always keep on reminding myself that to be looked up by everyone, I should look down when i'm up above, so that I never forget where I came from, that I should be thankful to The Creator of Mine...you should too, no matter what religion you are into. Say Yes to Peace....Adios...


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