Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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New Month Is Coming

I've been thinking that, what kind of feeling you'll have once you're up on the sky? Well as for me, been on The Eyes of Malaysia in Mallacca during my trip + from my seminar in Ipoh Perak might be the chance to experience those kind of feelings. It was a nostalgic moment for me, as I had to pay RM20 for 4 rounds of that thing...well it's expensive for me though!!! Baru kena pasang dua bulan time tu kunun! Now where was I juz now, oh yes, the feelings right? I think it was a wonderful feeling when I reached on the top of the 'ring', the scenery was breath-taking, there were many colorful lamps here and there, the crowds of people seemed as if they're just little ants from above.

At that moment, I wished how grateful I am to be in this world, to see the wonderful creatures of God, to be one of God's artwork, to be able to breathe in this earth.. Time waits for no men, and that's the inevitable fact that should be faced by anyone. I didn't realise that time has gotten so fast, well, it's more than a fleeting comet to me. It will be July 1st tommorrow. Look how the time makes me aging everyday, hehe... 

The second half of the year 2009, I was keep on thinking that I should make my life better and even much much more better than I could managed to do. Maybe I was a bit overdo on some works...hope it'll not lessen my motivation. New month is coming, but the moon is still the same...I just hope my friends out there, whether close or not, are doing better than yesterday...I pray for their success, whatever pace that they might go through, hope they'll find their own best path to success, certainly in a good way... Welcome July 2009...


GAURAV said...

very beautifully written by u.... keep it up

:: bluedianthus :: said...

Whoever you are,thanks... ;)


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