Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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What's on Your Mind???Tell me..

Hmmm....i dont know what i should write to start with. But today i'm really sad, mad and sometimes unsure about a thing that happened today...it was so sudden to believe that it would happened to me like this...as if the world has changed me in just a nick of time....someone that is very important to me, a person that i admire the most in my entire life, accused me on a thing that i never imagine that i will do that "miserable thing". Even it's the last choice i have left...I WILL NOT DO THAT laa!!! I'm not blaming or pointing anyone, maybe it was my mistake too, at the very first place...Ahhh, there goes my personal life again. Who knows, only God has the full trust in me...i believe that...Thank you Lord, for choosing me....


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